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Satisfying Customers 100% of the Time

Our medical-grade ISO 13485 certification ensures a top-quality product for every application. We can provide assistance with proprietary formulations, lab testing and validation, risk mitigation, warehousing, and distribution to ensure products are delivered to your specification. We are very proud of the 100% customer satisfaction ratings CHEMRES consistently receives.

Medical Diagnostic Polymers

Our ISO 13485 certification is unique to the industry and ensures we will meet or exceed stringent healthcare specifications for every medical customer, every time.

Medical and Diagnostic

Wire Cable Applications

We provide custom compounding solutions for the wire and cable industry, with the flexibility to meet specific regulatory, color, and temperature specs.

Wire & Cable

Packaging Applications

We understand the importance of first impressions in packaging and creating products that perform well on the shelf, and in the marketplace.


Personal Care Products

We develop innovative compounding solutions that ensure consumer products have the right aesthetics, functionality, and price.

Personal Care Products


Our compounds for recycled products are developed to exhibit the specific properties our customers need and use in many innovative applications.


Building Construction

From homes to buildings and indoor/outdoor environments, CHEMRES compounds offer performance, durability, design, and material advantages.

Building & Construction

Fiber Applications

For connectors, cables, and other electrical components, CHEMRES has compounds that meet both safety and functional specs for your products.


Industrial Applications

We design and deliver high-quality compounds for business-critical and industrial applications where high temps, strength, and precision are a must.


Automotive Applications

Wear and tear, speed and heat, we know automotive applications require the highest quality, safety and performance products.


Asphalt Applications

We make reliable, long-lasting, and tough compounds that extend the life of asphalt surfaces and roads.


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