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Improved Performance Through Tailormade Materials Solutions For FDM 3D Printing

CHEMRES can help accelerate time to market for medical device, industrial, and electronics applications. Our custom materials development and polymer compounding for FDM 3D printing, and our proven successes in developing compounds for the medical industry for rapid prototyping, combine to deliver the improved performance our customers seek. Expertise in delivering medical grade applications and knowledge of formulations and compounding technology, means that we can provide the proper resins and compounds for your needs.

Customizable filaments to help you solve the toughest challenges in additive manufacturing include:

(Cyclic Olefin Copolymer)
Other thermoplastic & elastomer blends

These filaments deliver sterilization resistant materials, flexible strength, stiffness, lubricity, and other desired properties. Our materials include sustainable, bioplastics, commodity, and engineering polymer resins. They are manufactured in our ISO 13485 certified site, employing FDM and SLS technologies.


Custom Materials Development for 3D

CHEMRES additive solutions include lubricants, antioxidants, nucleating agents, clarifiers, impact modifiers, surface tension agents, precision molding additives, antimicrobial, anti-slip, low coefficient of friction, and more.

Flexural Strength/Stiffness
Flexibility/ Low Modulus
Optical clarity
Abrasion Resistance
Radiopaque properties

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